We all know that Santa Claus is the best gift giver of all time. He’s always thinking about what he can do to make our day better, and we’re pretty sure his elves are in on it too. But did you know there are some things that homeowners have in common with the jolly old man? We’ve compiled a list of five things homeowners share with Santa Clause:
1) They both love a good chimney (and fireplace). 2) They put up lights for people to see when they get home. 3) Both love Christmas trees! 4) Homeowners try not to spend too much money during the holidays. 5) Both like making lists!

It’s that time of year again when we’re all on the lookout for what Santa Claus has in his bag. We know he’ll be making lots of stops, and so will you! You may not have to leave a note out for him though – but he might just find your house without one. That’s because homeowners share some things with Santa: they love giving gifts, they want everyone to enjoy themselves, and it never hurts if their home is decorated for Christmas too. So whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year…it seems like you’re in luck!

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C9 Christmas lights, Warm white and pure white